David Penhale

David Penhale: artwork


I work in a variety of styles, media and scale, from the figurative through to the abstracted.
The art is an interlocking of the rhythms and movement within the land, sea and sky, and a reaction to local weathers.
It generates its own force-field, and is a re-ordering to myself of the Cornish experience - a tuning-in to the powerful energies that exist just beneath the surface.
Thomas Hardy called this area 'Off-Wessex' and my work responds to this 'otherness' of Cornwall, a place of edge and unique identity that both challenges and inspires.

Following the route taken by Cornish emigrants, re-visiting Australia opened my work up to the palette of a different 'iron land'.

Since returning, I have been working on a series of paintings using recurrent motifs: boats; chapels; harbours; ruined castles and mine-buildings; sun/moon discs; distant islands and headlands.
These are sometimes set within the traditional formality of a window-frame with attendant still-life jugs and amphora.

I am currently developing work using various printing techniques in order to expand the range of my visual language and explore new possibilities of expression.


The farthest Shore Moonta Bay
Leaving Harbour David Penhale
Iron Land David Penhale
Cornish window with jug and blue discs
Modern Times 2 David Penhale