David Penhale

David Penhale: writing


As an active member of Indian King Poets, based in Camelford, I often read my work at their public events.
I am developing material for a new poetry collection, and am also writing a play-script with a Cornish setting.

(from 'Poems For the Stone Age')

Patrick's Window (for Patrick Heron)

This is eerie
standing here
looking out over your view.
One must be high up.

The room is empty
but heavily expectant
as though of your sudden and immanent return.

The plates laid up for a dinner never taken
kitchen sounds of knives being drawn.

I am a courtier,
a latter-day eavesdropper
spying in doorways
creatively lurking,
looking out for colourful news.

But all that remain are unfinished canvases
leaning nonchalantly against white-washed walls,
each one announcing your version
of the unvarnished truth.

You know,
I only planned to come in for a moment
But Time has stopped
like the sound in the kitchen.

I find my-self thinking,
I'll stay awhile longer
if it's OK with you, that is?

I'll contemplate your view
gazing out into the blue.